Your Go-To Gift Guide for Vocal Health

Do you know someone who is a singer? Someone who always gets sick around the holidays? Or maybe you’re just looking out for their long-term vocal health? Well, have I got the gift guide for you. 

Vocal health can often be something that is often overlooked. You don’t really think about it until your throat hurts or you have a cold and can’t speak. 

In order to avoid the, “You got a frog in your throat” questions, here are five gifts to get for someone or to add to your own Christmas wish list. 

Humidifier or Personal Steam Inhaler

  • Having a humidifier in your bedroom does wonders for your vocal health. It combats the dryness in the air and keeps your nose, throat and lip area hydrated. A perfect gift to share. 
  • If you need a step up from having a humidifier in your room, the personal steam inhaler is designed to help improve the circulation in your nose and throat and reduce the build up of mucus. A thoughtful gift for people who rely on their voices in their careers.

Water Bottle 

  • Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate! It’s simple but staying hydrated is so important. Your vocal cords vibrate over 100 times a second when you speak, so keeping them hydrated and happy is key. Gifting someone a cute and functional water bottlewill inspire them to drink more. 
  • Pro-tip: Lukewarm water is best!

Tea & Honey

  • Need a great stocking stuffer?Herbal teaand honey is a great vocal soother in a time of need, though should not be over used. 

Sound Machine

  • Not only does your body need time to rest and repair but so do your vocal cords. Getting a good night’s sleep will ensure that your voice is ready to take on the day. A sound machine can help block out environmental noises to aid in securing a deep sleep. 

One-on-one Voice & Speech coaching with Jenni Steck

  • One-on-one voice and speech coaching is a great asset to professionals who rely on their voice, such as corporate leaders, business executive, lawyers, teachers, salespeople and many more. It’s never too early or too late to take care of your voice. Check out all of the programs we offer at and contact us to purchase a gift package for that special someone of your list. 

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