Ensure customers understand they are well taken care of...


Inspire clients to feel they are dealing with a business they can trust...


Let patrons know your company and its associates truly care for them...

by speaking to them with
a voice that is confident, professional, pleasing, and personal.

Studies have proven that the quality of a person’s voice is directly related to their effectiveness in business and in developing personal relationships.

Jenni Steck, MFA, MS, CCC-SLP

A degreed expert in the development and care of the speaking voice

jenni's multi-faceted voice and speech training programs teach employees...

  • how to sound clear, sharp and polished
  • how to speak with a tone that is rich, powerful, and pleasing 
  • how to harness the power of gesture, posture, and facial expressions
  • How to properly care for their voice so that they always sound their best
  • how to look, sound, and feel in control and inspire trust by projecting confidence
  • how to always sound energized and engaged
  • how to build meaningful relationships when communicating with clients 
  • how to manage customer interactions so that their conversations leave clients feeling well taken care of 

bring world class voice & speech training to your organization and empower your workforce to inspire feelings of
care, trust, and rapport.

choose a Training Package

"Lunch & learn"

Informal 50 minute, on-site presentation and discussion held over lunch by voice and speech expert Jenni Steck.  

Clients may choose from a variety of topics of focus, such as: “Mastering Small Talk & Networking with Skill”, “Public Speaking with Confidence”, and “Taking Care of Your Voice”.

One Time 2 Day Intensive workshop

Two consecutive days of intense voice and speech training that include an in-depth presentation, discussion, interactive exercises, and guided practice all lead by voice and speech expert Jenni Steck.  

On-Going quarterly training

Have Jenni return 4 times throughout the year to conduct on-going training that provides opportunities to revisit learning and repeated access to ensure progress. 

Twice the number of training hours grants participants exposure to a broader range of important skills and more time for interactive practice and feedback.

On-Going Bi-monthly training

Have Jenni return 6 times throughout the year to conduct on-going training.  This package allows further instructional time for meeting with associates in smaller groups for role playing exercises, hands on practice, individual attention, and personalized feedback. 

A commitment to this level of in-depth, on-going training allows management an opportunity to help tailor the curriculum to meet the specific needs of a company and its associates.

One-on-One private tutorials

Hire Jenni to work individually with employees that struggle to use their voices effectively.  Through this type of work Jenni evaluates each client’s personal speech and voice challenges and tailors a series of sessions designed to address their particular needs.

Training may address a range of issues from enhancing the sound or tone of an associate’s voice, to correcting a perceived lack of presence or confidence.  Jenni may also work to strengthen presentation skills, or help improve English pronunciation for non-native English speakers.

Individual sessions may be conducted on site or clients may visit Jenni’s office in North Dallas.   

group training
"side by side" comparison

hear from those that have trained with jenni

The experience is no less than life changing!

"I now feel confident to express myself and I am sure my learning with Jenni will make a difference to my future career.

Johnny He, Associate Dean @ UNT School of Biomedical Sciences

Jenni is simply supreme.

She has exquisite precision, top notch training, is always effective...and above all else she's a hell of a lotta fun to work with!"

Rosemary Garrison, Owner & Instructor @ Rosemary Garrison Yoga

My public speaking skills have definitely improved.

"I learned how to relax before a presentation, create 'focus' points within it, and make clean transitions. Jenni provided a lot of useful breathing tips I continue to use everyday."

Andrew Popsack, Creative Director @ The Marketing Arm

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