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For English Pronunciation Training we work with a highly effective system of training called The Rupp Method.*

This system incorporates training in the pronunciation of problematic sounds, as well as the development of a more American pattern of speech. 

The program includes:

A thorough evaluation of pronunciation patterns

one-on-one instruction with data tracking to monitor your success

Practice materials that include a training book, audio files, and access for one year to an on-line practice portal called Englission

There are three packages to choose from based on the extent of your need and your personal goals:


  • Evaluation session
  • 14 hours of training
  • Course materials 
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  • Evaluation session
  • 23 hours of training
  • Course materials


  • Evaluation session
  • 37 hours of training
  • Course materials


"My improvement from the first series of 12 sessions with Jenni has been amazing, which my colleague and all the others around have witnessed and agreed. The experience is no less than life-changing: I now feel free to express myself; I now feel more confident to express myself. This is why I have chosen to continue on the second and third series of more advanced coaching with Jenni. I wish I had such a learning opportunity from her sooner."
Johnny He
Associate Dean, UNT Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
"Jenni Steck is an amazing coach. I tried a few different accent reduction coaches, but most offered me a one-size-fits-all solution. Jenni's methodology was tailored to my need. She quickly identified the problem areas in my speech and the sounds that needed adjustments based on my speech pattern and my native language. Her techniques were very effective and easy to follow. Just after a few sessions, my accent started to reduce and my articulation improved. I would recommend Jenni Steck's accent training to anyone who wants to be understood better."
Kartik Thakur
Business Consultant

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*The Rupp Method is a proprietary system developed by Jane Rupp at Voices of the World Speech Therapy