Don't let present circumstances keep you from
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take advantage of the safety and convenience of

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Jenni Steck Voice and Speech Services

Live One-on-one expert voice and speech training is available on-line from the comfort, safety, and convenience of your own home.

Web based training sessions are…


There is no need to even leave your home to receive world class training.


Jenni Steck Voice & Speech Services has been providing clients all over the world with effective on-line training for years and wonderful results are achieved. 


Without travel time, an hour of training is easier than ever to fit into your schedule.

Live On-line Private Web Sessions are available for…

On-line accent reduction training

Accent Reduction Training

Live one-on-one web sessions designed to help non-native English speakers clarify their English pronunciation.

No matter how thick your accent may be, you can learn on-line how to speak English with greater intelligibility and how to express yourself more clearly from a highly trained personal coach.

Video Conferencing Best Practices Consultation

Web & Video Conferencing Best Practices Guidance and Consultation

Master the art of video conferencing and web meetings with live one-on-one consultation. Get expert advice on how best to take advantage of technology to communicate effectively and present yourself professionally.

Get direction with regard to lighting, sound, microphones, headsets, staging, wardrobe, and interacting with the camera, and learn to use all the aspects of the medium to your advantage.

Jenni Steck On-line Voice and Speech Coaching

General Voice & Speech Coaching

Live one-on-one virtual web coaching with the experts at Jenni Steck Voice & Speech Services can help you tackle communication challenges such as lack of power or volume when speaking, non-engaging or monotonous speaking style, unnaturally high pitched sound, vocal fry, unpleasant tone or quality, running out of breath while speaking, overly aggressive or passive sound, chronic vocal fatigue or regular hoarseness, poor articulation or mumbling, or a general lack of energy while speaking.

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