Our coaches serve a wide range of clients with diverse goals and tailor specific programs to meet each client’s unique needs.    

services INCLUDE the following:

Private one-on-one voice & speech coaching

Personal one-on-one coaching for professionals that rely on their voices and feel they could improve their careers and personal happiness through more effective speech and the use of healthy vocal techniques.  Such clients typically are interested in learning to express themselves more clearly and confidently or are experiencing discomfort due to on-going improper or unhealthy voice use.

This work begins with an initial assessment to determine the best course of action, followed by a specifically tailored progression of sessions that include tutorials, guided practice, tips, and recommended exercises.

One-on-one English Pronunciation Training

(i.e. Accent Reduction) 

For non-native English speakers wishing to be more clearly understood, we offer highly structured and detailed English Pronunciation training, often referred to as “accent reduction” training. 

Jenni is certified in and employs the highly effective Rupp Method for all English pronunciation training.  The Rupp Method is an intense, systematic approach to teaching American English pronunciation that after many years of practice Jenni has found to be most effective.   

Three different packages of training sessions are available.   

Corporate Group Training 

Jenni conducts group learning and development sessions on-site for businesses intent on helping their employees leverage the power of effective and dynamic communication.   

Through such programs Jenni empowers executives to improve their leadership skills through the use of effective and dynamic communication, and trains customer facing employees to use compelling and authentic communication to inspire feelings of trust, care, and rapport.  

A variety of training packages are available from 50 minute “Lunch & Learns” to on-going bi-monthly training specifically tailored to meet the particular needs of a company’s associates.

Speech Writing and PreparatioN

Jenni also specializes in helping prepare individuals with important public speaking engagements.  Beginning with an initial strategic meeting followed by a series of private sessions, Jenni works with clients to develop goals and perfect the most effective, engaging, and meaningful delivery.

For those seeking help in structuring the text of their speech, Jenni may also be hired to collaborate as a speech writer.  Together, Jenni and her clients can work to craft a truly memorable speech, perfectly suited to both the speaker and the occasion.