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Jenni is simply supreme. She has exquisite precision, top notch training, is always affective… and above all else she’s a hell of a lotta fun to work with!

Rosemary Garrison

Yoga Instructor

I just concluded my 13-session accent reduction program with Jenni Steck and… as a result I feel much more confident to participate in synergy projects or covering breaking news.

Jenni is an amazing coach!  She figured out very early on my learning style and tailored the program to meet my needs with infinite kindness and patience.” ​

norma garcia

Anchor, Telemundo Dallas

Jenni Steck is an amazing voice and accent coach.  I tried a few different accent reduction coaches, but most offered a one-size-fits-all solution. Jenni’s methodology was tailored to my need. She quickly identified the problem areas in my speech and the sounds that needed adjustments. Her techniques were very effective and easy to follow. Just after a few sessions, my articulation improved.

I would recommend Jenni Steck’s accent training to anyone.”

kartick thakur

Business Consultant

Jenni is a wildly amazing gunslinger in what she does. She absorbs her client’s needs, takes time to create a valuable course of action and then DOES IT! 

Her influence on broadcasters goes far and wide because she is just that good.  Very sincere, professional and an asset to anyone who could benefit from on-camera training, speech delivery and development.

Dana Cobb

Marketing & Communications Strategist

Working closely with Jenni, my public speaking skills have definitely improved.

I learned how to relax before a presentation,  create “focus” points within it, and make clean transitions. Jenni has provided a lot of useful breathing tips I continue to use everyday.

I highly recommend Jenni to anyone!​

Andrew Popsack

Creative Director of Shopper Engagement, The Marketing Arm

English is not my native language… I used to choose not to speak or tried to speak the minimum in front of people. I felt hopeless… But my improvement from the first series of sessions with Jenni has been amazing!… The experience is no less than life-changing: I now feel free to express myself… I really feel fortunate to have her as my speech coach… and I am sure my learning with her will make a difference to my future career as well.

Johnny He

Associate Dean, UTN Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

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