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Jenni Steck, MFA, MS, CCc-SLP

founder, owner, & head coach


Jenni’s diverse background and skill set make her a particularly effective coach and mentor, able to help a wide variety of clients overcome communication challenges and adept at mentoring her coaches to do the same.

Before becoming a licensed speech-language pathologist, Jenni was a highly trained voice and speech coach for actors and performers.  Her performance background, combined with her medical training in speech therapy, provides a unique insight that has led to success working with laryngologists at UT Southwestern to improve the vocal health of their patients; coaching actors, broadcasters, and sports anchors across the country to embody a dynamic and authentic delivery; and training business professionals to speak with the clarity and confidence necessary for career advancement.

Jenni Steck voice and speech coach public speaking english pronunciation


Specialties include:

  • One-on-one voice and speech coaching for professionals that rely on their voices, such as corporate leaders, business executives, lawyers, teachers, and salespeople, to help improve their careers and vocal health
  • Developing and delivering on-going large and small group corporate training for team leads, managerial staff, sales teams, customer service departments and call centers to help improve customer relations through effective communication and collaboration.
  • English pronunciation training, also known as accent reduction coaching, to train individuals that speak English with an accent to speak with greater clarity and confidence
  • Aiding speakers public figures with the composition and vocal delivery of speeches for engagements, special events, and public appearances 
Private sessions are conducted in-person, on-site or off, and on-line via the video conferencing platform Zoom.

What people are saying!

how has the success of jenni's voice and speech coaching changed lives and careers?
Hear from those that know first hand.

"Jenni is a wildly amazing gunslinger in what she does. She absorbs her client’s needs, takes time to create a valuable course of action and then DOES IT!

Her influence on broadcasters goes far and wide because she is just that good. Very sincere, professional and an asset to anyone who could benefit from on-camera training, speech delivery and development."
Dana Cobb
Marketing and Communications Strategist
“Working closely with Jenni, my public speaking skills have definitely improved.

I learned how to relax before a presentation,  create “focus” points within it, and make clean transitions. Jenni has provided a lot of useful breathing tips I continue to use everyday.

I highly recommend Jenni to anyone!
Andrew Popsack
Creative Director, Shopper Engagement
The Marketing Arm
"English is not my native language… I used to choose not to speak or tried to speak the minimum in front of people. I felt hopeless… But my improvement from the first series of sessions with Jenni has been amazing!… The experience is no less than life-changing: I now feel free to express myself… I really feel fortunate to have her as my speech coach... and I am sure my learning with her will make a difference to my future career as well."
Johnny He
Associate Dean, UTN Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

“There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self.”
- Aldous Huxley

“My passion is empowering people to project their best selves through effective and dynamic communication” 

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